Indigenous Engagement

More than just employment.

Yargan Pty Ltd is a Supply Nation registered business which aims to maintain a minimum 30% Aboriginal employment across all operations. We are committed to ensuring Aboriginal people are supported with sustainable employment and training opportunities through our Aboriginal engagement and development initiatives.

Mentoring and career development.

Yargan offers a hands-on mentoring program, which has successfully seen Aboriginal people return to the workforce after extended periods of time away, as well as assisting Aboriginal job seekers enter the workforce for the first time.

Yargan is committed to assisting Aboriginal people identify long-term career goals at the commencement of their employment with us.

By identifying sustainable career objectives at the start of employment, Yargan is able to deliver mentoring programs that assist Aboriginal people in reaching their full potential through tailored career pathways and opportunities to up-skill through qualification and training.

We are currently seeking opportunities to facilitate Aboriginal traineeships and apprenticeships.

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